Consultancy Services

Social Blink has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their Projects. As an indication, consulting services
involve the following key domains: Project Management: Management of
project resources, risk management, financial management, change, risk and
configuration management.

Quality Assurance, Management and Audit: Project Quality Plans (PQP), functional and quality tests, quality assessments, quality audits, quality control and evaluation of the industry development cycle, elaboration and implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Business Consultancy Services: Description of a business, definition of business strategies and policies, creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes, collection of business and user requirements, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), feasibility studies, vision documents and business case modelling.

Outsourcing – Managed Services

Social Blink has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their CIT environment and IS (Information Systems).

Social Blink undertakes provision of highly qualified personnel to work on the client’s premises: in key CIT, and management positions such as Project Managers, Senior Analysts and Senior Consultants.

Social Blink undertakes delivery of outsourcing and/or managed services for its clients. Such services are offered in strict compliance to the most efficient methodologies known today in the market (e.g. ITIL) and include support of IT and telecom systems and applications in production; 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support to users and administrators of specific applications; and provision of hosting services. As an indication, Outsourcing – Managed Services involve the following key domains:

Enterprise Architecture: Analysis of portfolio of information systems, analysis of organizational structures, development and enhancement of IS architecture, assessments of architecture maturity and data flow analyses.

IS Security: Security studies, definition of security policies, security assessments and risk analysis of operational environments.

IS Studies: Technical studies, and evaluations, implementation/deployment studies and hosting of information systems.

Integration Services

Social Blink undertakes complex missions on a turnkey basis in the fields of IT and telecoms, which involve integrated delivery of applications, bundled with all necessary hardware and security equipment. To ensure results of a high standard, the company follows state-oft-he- art methodologies and relies on a wide spectrum of qualified and experienced staff as well as on a professional industrial environment for assembling, staging, testing and dispatching of equipment. This includes a dedicated laboratory employing all modern and innovative tools and concepts available today in the market.

E-Management and E-Services Solutions

While e-Services focus on so called “front–office” relations only, emanagement (e-administration) refers to the so called “backoffice” organizational systems. EManagement initiatives within this domain deal particularly with improving management from streamlining internal processes to cross-departmental flow of information. The management of resources and processes is running over the standard communication networks.

Social Blink undertakes complex missions to improve management of people and Business Process through providing basic and sophisticated software applications modules for the enterprise as part of their IS. As an indication, e-Management services involve the following key domains:

Project management solutions

Get the work done in time, keep track of everything from the main task to the small and more specific tasks of your projects. Monitor and control the pool of resources to save time and money.

Our project management solution is collaborative and lets you manage your project in real-time. Work on tasks and issues using the Kanban view, schedule tasks in the Gantt chart and control deadlines in the calendar view. This software will let you create specific stages for each project, so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way.

The interface is easy to use, it takes no time to learn and every action you do is instantaneous. Incoming emails are integrated automatically to create new tasks and issues on the fly, allowing you to collaborate easily with customers. The software has a built-in chat tool to communicate with your team or with your customers and share documents and comments on tasks and issues. Integrate all your discussions fast with the email integration tool.

You can also edit same project documents such as proposals or specifications collaboratively. It’s a very efficient tool for summing up the meetings, drafting meeting minutes or complex project requirements. Every user has their own color and you can replay the whole creation of the content.

Custom ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Social Blink is a new leader in customized ERP software solutions:

Human Resource Management System

The most valuable resources in your business are the employees. Are you managing them well?

The concept of human capital recognizes that not all labor is equal and that…. the quality of employees can be improved by investing in them. The education, experience and abilities of an employee have an economic value for employers and for the economy as a whole.

Start managing your most valuable resource and empower them with relevant knowledge and skills to work for you. Manage their welfare fairly and adequately. Improve their level of satisfaction with the work you are giving them and you will start to see the results instantly.

Human Resource Management system (HRM) has been designed and built to meet the modern challenges in the Human capital management. It will ensure that you encourage knowledge transfer & sharing within the employees. You will also manage recruitment process right from advertising a post, shortlisting, scheduling interviews, hiring and on-boarding. Employee contracts, time-sheets, appraisals, payroll, expenses, attendance, leave and many more aspects of HR are captured and managed properly ensuring that your HR department have all the employees’ latest data readily available and easily accessible.

This solution comes with an Enterprise Social Network sub module where employees collaborate at work. They are able to share knowledge, best practices, interact and chat in real time to ensure that no critical information passing is delayed. This feature is great for big companies with multiple offices in different places but are interconnected so that employees can reach out to their colleagues or managers and work as one team. The managers are also able to inspire, track & manage employee achievements by setting challenges and business goals in the system and reward the most successful employees.

This Solution would be modularized to avail a cost effective customer need as follows:

Human Resource Information System (HRIS),
Human Resource Attendance System (HRAS),
Human Resource Payroll System (HRPS),
and o Human Resource Development System (HRDS),

Inventory, Procurement & Warehouse Management System

Do you know what is happening with your Inventory? Are you having hard time controlling your inventory levels? Are all your transactions recorded in real time? Visibility, Transparency & Efficiency are very important virtues for any business to succeed. The business owner or management needs to know what’s happening on daily basis within every stage of business operations from the supply all the way to the market. This knowledge is important in making informed business decisions that will improve your products and services, attract more customers and boost your sales.

Social Blink offers a very effective IT solution to track, manage and report on any business transactions in real time. This solution is ideal for any kind of business dealing with products and services.

It is a modular design with a Point of Sale (POS) module, store or warehouse management module, customers and supplier’s management module, reporting & accounting module to help you keep your books in order so that you can refer to them anytime and make informed business decisions within no time The Point of Sale system is designed to be simple and fast. It can be accessed by your sales employees from both desktop and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets making it easy for them to reach out to customers easily as they take their orders and run the transactions

The solution is easily customizable to fit your kind of business including integration with your existing IT systems or your different modes of payment such as on-line payment systems or mobile money

The system is accessible via a web interface or Mobile application secured with a user-name and password and you don’t need any extra software to be installed to access it except the normal web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The system also comes with mobile App for Android devices

Accounting & Financial

Management System

A web- based double entry accounting system which automatically creates a journal, moves money from one account to another.

Manage any number of general ledger accounts and bank accounts. Register Journal and Budget entry, Flexible tax system suitable for most local fiscal rules, Quick Entries for easy entry of often used accounting events, Bank account reconciliation, Built in payroll system Customizable Reports

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

For accomplishing desired success, organizations continuously strive for increased sales performance, superior customer service and enhanced customer relationship management.

To achieve these objectives, you need solutions that provide rapid access to centralized customer information. You should also be able to access detailed and up-to-date communication history to foster customer and prospect relationships, close sales and streamline all customer contact activities. offers consistent and readily available customer and prospect data, allowing you to manage pre-sales activities, perform automated sales processes, deliver consistent customer service, evaluate sales and service successes and identify trends, problems and opportunities. Our CRM Methodology is described as follows:

Business Process Automation

Automate the manual day-to-day processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization. The use of information technology to improve management of enterprise by streamlining enterprise business processes and improving the flow of information within the enterprise.

E-Marketing and E-Commerce Services

Social Blink is a major provider of information, communication and promotional services, offering a complete package, from business to technical solutions and support: Study: analysis of products, tools, frameworks and identification of trends.

Approach: assessment and improvement of communication and marketing strategies by proposing enhancements and new services. Promote: elaboration of a marketing approach and implementation of diverse communication tools and promotional actions such as websites, Social Media pages, e-mail Marketing, audiovisual presentations (info graphics), in addition to road-shows, and printed materials. We deploy dedicated teams of marketing specialists, technology experts, editors, publishers, Event Managers, Production Coordinators and Technical Experts are deployed to undertake the full range of activities of the various projects commissioned by the Social Blink services. As an indication, e-Management services involve the following key domains:

Online Presence-Digital Marketing

Implementing effective, engaging and interactive practices on social media platforms. Pulling from graphic and web design we use our eye for composition, storytelling and visual consistency that allows for a streamlined, bigger-picture strategy and decision-making with social media – emphasizing for our consulting clients and our own implementation of tweets, posts, etc. how online content connects to the organization’s mission and image at large.

1. Create and maintain social networks for personal brands, companies and


2. Create in-depth social media strategies for small and large businesses

3. Create and execute corporate blogs and blog campaigns

4. Recommend short-term and long-term goals in moving forward with the company’s social media strategy

E-mail Marketing

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer is an added sales opportunity. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Web Site and E-Commerce (Online Shopping) Design

Make your web site attractive and highly ranked in the search engines…

Make your trading and products on-line

Social Media Management

1. Facebook, and LinkedIn pages

2. YouTube Channel

3. Twitter

4. WhatsApp

Social Media Analytics

Through our integrated software and unique crowd driven approach we are able to effectively monitor and analyze social conversations in real-time.

Through our tool we monitor what, when and why they are saying it. We believe in providing accurate insights which lead to better decision makers.

Our tool has evolved into a fully integrated media monitoring intelligence platform. Through our app users can analyze and monitor traditional and online media alongside each other from one centralized platform.

Audio-Visualization • Digital Signage

Transfer your messages in a specialized form of sliver casting in which video or multimedia content is displayed in public places for informational or advertising purposes.


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Application & Software Development

Designing and developing applications and software solutions has been a core and continuous activity of Social Blink since its existence of the mother company PROCOOR , 15 years ago.

We have developed for a wide range of national and international organizations some of their most popular and successful applications. A typical example is the e-Management platform for “New Giza”.

We have accumulated extensive experience in addressing the needs and requirements of the Enterprises Social Blink provides a wide range of own products, tools and platforms. We also undertake the development and support of tailor-made applications according to clients’ needs.

We rely on a wide range of tools, as well as Open Source frameworks. We offer the best price/performance ratio and optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the client.

We maintain in-house competence and apply new technologies and innovations. Our processes are constantly revised to embrace world class, state-of- the-art techniques. Our solutions are delivered as stand-alone or constituent parts of integrated, turn-key projects.

The following is a set of our Software’s portfolio:

Facility Management System

• Partners / Dealers Management System (PRM/DRM)

• Factory Management System

• Facility Management System

• Attendance Management System

• Education and e-learning Management Systems

• School Management System: includes the following components:

o Submission, Fees, Student Information, Teachers Allocation, Schedules, Attendance

o Control System

o E-learning System

o Facility Management System

Communications and IT Infrastructure Solutions

Social Blink undertakes complex missions on a turnkey basis in the fields telecoms and IT infrastructures, which involve integrated

delivery of applications, bundled with all necessary hardware and

security equipment.

IP Telephony and VoIP Solutions

Modern forward thinking businesses are adopting VoIP based solutions with advantages of lowering the cost of communication, availability of both basic and advanced call management features, easy deployment and integration to existing ICT infrastructure, mobility and flexibility of making business calls in and out of the office by using extended functionality of VoIP through smart-phones and soft-phones.

Small, medium and large businesses need a robust business telephony system that is able to deliver quality voice, provide rich enterprise-grade call management features, integrate seamlessly with existing traditional telephone networks, user friendly, scalable, customizable and affordable to fit in an ICT budget provision of any business.

Web Conferencing Solutions

Meetings are essential to business and we cannot avoid them. However, there are growing challenges to holding successful meetings. Travelling long distances for a meeting and spending long hours in traffic has considerable financial impact on your business. Social Blink have the knowledge and expertise to roll out secure web conferencing solution for enterprises and learning Institutions. We also customize and add more features according to business requirements that are unique and useful to any kind of business or learning environment. This solution enables you to open and share documents, enjoy web-cams sessions, real time chat, talk and even share your desktop with your colleagues. It can also record sessions for playback later. Record & Playback is useful when you have a presentation or or a lesson for your students but you cannot deliver it at a convenient time due to other commitments. You can also start individual or group chats in the meeting as you discuss listen to the presenter. The solution is client-server and is rolled out in a secure server that can be accessed by users in the office or travelling colleagues who want to join the meeting. Customers or business partners can also join the meetings. The biggest advantage you get from this solution as opposed to using other channels like Skype is the privacy of your meetings, the privacy of sharing business content without worrying about confidentiality. Also there are more additional features such as recording and playback of your meetings, sharing of your desktop, a white-board where you can draw and explain your concepts during the meeting. This solution gives you a completed virtual meeting room with all the facilities you need for a meeting:

1.Record & Playback: Solution can record your meeting proceedings for later playback and reference. For a learning institution such as a university, you can also use this function to record messages or lectures for your students to playback and use as learning materials during their own private time.

2. White-board: A white-board lets you annotate and call out key parts of your presentation for viewers. You have a platform to explain your points in sketches and drawings where everyone can see during the meeting

3. Desktop Sharing: You can share the desktop of your computer and go beyond slides to pass your message. The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all attendees to see. It Works on PC, Linux and Mac computers

4. VoIP support: The voice feature supports voice over IP (VOIP) on the client side(browser). This means the attendees require only a speakers and a microphone to speak and listen during the meeting. No additional software or plug-in on your laptop. This makes it very easy to join and participate in a meeting. No calling costs associated with trunk calls

5. Presentation sharing: The presenter can upload and share any PDF presentation or Microsoft office document to present. This upload will automatically be visible to the audience in the meeting room. one can zoom, pan, and keep the audience in sync during the meeting

6. Web-cam support: Multiple users can share and see the shared web-cam session at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active web-cam sessions

7. Full control: As a viewer, you can change your layout to emphasize the presentation, chat or video — whatever makes the most sense for enhanced view and for maximum participation and concentration. The presenter can mute/un-mute the attendees, change volume level, one can also raise a hand and get the attention of the presenter to speak and ask questions

8. Instant Chat: You can chat with everyone in the meeting room on a group or private chats. You can also have a private chat with the presenter. You are able to see a list of those who have attended the meeting at any time and initiate a chat window with them

9. API & LTI interface: Last but not least, Solution installation comes with flexible architecture where you can integrate with your business applications and do all you can imagine to build an all-in-one integrated system. We are fully qualified and skillful in integrating the solution with your existing applications to enhance user experience and give maximum benefit to your company. The solution comes with well documented API interface used to connect with your ERP applications or any other application that can require data to and from the platform.