Our corporate philosophy establishes the
fundamental principles of our management
Our worldwide operational and performance
standards translate the corporate values into
specific management expectations. We
preserve a high level of business ethics
characterized by integrity and honesty in all
our business actions.

PROCOOR 360 is a company which intends to
be in front of the client’s needs, deeply understanding clients’ business and
delivering and optimizing solutions from the initial phase of scoping the
requirements, up to the final delivery,
maintenance and continuous upgrade.
PROCOOR 360 always looks at the things from the
customer perspective, but also from customer’s
customer perspective to grasp their real business
need for the different solutions they deliver.

Corporate Vision

Support our customers is to transfer them
to the Best-effort GROWTH with the most
efficient Investment,
Satisfy our customers is to build with them a trustful respectful relationship.

Corporate Mission

Support our customers to maximize the benefits of the CIT and Marketing
services and help them take their businesses to next level of growth
Provide innovative solutions that unleash the power of Convergence between
the Communication and Information Technology with Marketing with
excellent quality focusing on fulfilling our customers’ needs and with optimal

time-to-market and enabling organizations to attain a sustainable, long term
competitive advantage,
To develop world class CIT and Digital Marketing solutions that are based on
quality, cost effectiveness, and customer satisfaction through the integration
of people, process, technology, and business system,
Constantly evolve our technology and know-how to keep our customers
above, ahead, informed and on-track
Perform in-depth studies of our clients’ business needs and goals and deliver
solutions which not only meet their expectations but exceed them.
Communicate with our clients to determine their evolving needs so that they
are well adjusted for long-term growth.

Corporate Values

Trust, Compassion, Knowledge, Innovation & Excellence are our core values that we believe in
and always help us to connect with our clients and understand their needs deeply
and widely before formulating any solution for them.

Corporate Commitments

PROCOOR 360 commits to:
Building a long lasting relationship, mutually beneficial partnerships with our
clients by providing them with high quality, professional services. Along with
our employees, we consider these long-term partnerships to constitute as the
company’s single most important asset and the true engine behind our
current and future success;
Be Dedicated for assisting our clients in creating and sustaining a competitive
advantage in their respective markets. We partner with our clients to build,
manage, maintain and evolve innovative IT solutions that are effectively able
to address mission critical information processing and information
management needs. We are committed to maintain technological leadership
across all components of operations to ensure that our clients consistently
receive the most effective, cutting-edge solutions available. We take
tremendous pride in delivering leading edge solutions that generate
significant, long-term value for our client;
Adopting high standards of ethics in all its business actions and practices
providing its customers with high quality services, tailor-made to their needs
and expectations;
Guaranteeing highly competitive services to its clients;
Engaging highly skilled personnel supported by an effective organizational

Implementing an ‘equal opportunities’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ policy;
and Increasing shareholders’ value.